In various rooms , different flooring surfaces have been set up in many homes. While the dining area is carpeted, As an example, a kitchen may have a linoleum flooring. In instances such as this, a metal strip called a transition bar is set up across the joint between the linoleum and the carpet. This prevents people and shields the edge of the carpet.

Assess the length of the joint. Cut on the transition bar to length using a hacksaw.

Place the transition bar on the floor along the joint underneath the front edge of the carpet.

Attach the transition bar to the floor with galvanized screws.

Lay a straightedge onto the carpet 1/4 inch away from the transition bar. Twist the straightedge so that it is parallel inside the door. Cut the edge of the carpet with a utility knife. Use the straightedge as a guide when creating the cut.

Stretch the edge of the carpet to the transition bar using a knee-kicker. This instrument allows you to hit on your knee from a surface on the end of the instrument to stretch the carpet.

Tuck the edge of the carpet underneath the transition bar and onto the pins inside the bar using a stair chisel.

Lay a block and tap it with a hammer.

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