Distilled white vinegar is a strong acid that cleans nicely but can dull the finish. Use apple cider vinegar if you wish to use an disinfecting cleaner but also protect the floor’s finish. A breasted process that forms its cleaning ingredient, acid produced it. Apple cider vinegar has a brown muddy look brought on by the existence of the fermenting enzymes and bacteria that won’t harm the finish.

Sweep the floor or vacuum it. Remove dust out of the cracks between boards.

Mix 1 cup of apple cider vinegar per 1 gallon of warm water in a skillet.

Wash the ground with the cleaning solution. Do it by hand to avoid leaving water position on the ground, which is much more likely if you use a mop and it’s best to use a cone. Whether you use a mop or a rag, use it to wipe the ground, but avoid rubbing, which might force the cleaning solution into the gaps between the boards.

Wipe the floor quickly. Don’t leave any standing water, or it may soak through the finish and discolor the wood.

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