Adding someone to your home deed necessitates the filing of an authorized form. The quitclaim deed is a deed that overrides the deed now. You can add the name of your deed and a person, in effect transferring a share of ownership over the property with the individual.

Obtain a quitclaim deed form. The types can be purchased by you from office supply stores or bookstores that take forms.

Complete the deed form in ink. Make sure to include the legal description of the home.

List all present owners of the property in the quitclaim deed form below the section titled”Grantor.” Use the owner’s full name in this section.

List all present owners under the section titled”Grantee.” Add the new owner’s legal name under the”Grantee” segment as well.

Collect all the grantors collectively and have them sign the form. You can obtain notary public services at banks or offices that are authorized.

Get the deed form.

Record the clerk in the county where the land is located. Pay the fee to finish the transaction to add the new owner to the property.

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