Cacti choose a dry environment — except when they have been germinating, when cranking the humidity up with high temperature and additional watering can attract the incorrect kind of interest from gnats. When the soil is moist, fungus gnats fly to cacti and problems are warm, breeding larvae that crawl before maturing in to flying bugs on the cacti. These gnats can become a nuisance in the Lawn Care service Bakersfield, CA or greenhouse, as they breed.


Fungus gnats feed on fungus that grows on cacti when they are more regular, although extremely moist — a rare event within their desert houses in green houses that are humid. Cacti are vulnerable to fungus gnat infestations as they require moist soil in this initial stage that is expanding, when they are seedlings. Fungus gnat larvae may feed on the root hairs within their search for fungus as well as transfer fungus from place to some other, creating seedlings to die.

Home Infestations

You can bring your outside cactus inside through the winter, when temperatures fall because cacti thrive in warm climates. Examine the cactus carefully before ushering it within for gnats though this is a good idea for the survival of the cactus. Outdoor gnat infestations can become more of a nuisance in the home, especially for those who have plants that may provide more grounds for the gnats that are undesirable.

Gnat Traps

A gnat trap that is man-made can aid its own gnat component methods and your cactus. Placing sticky traps around house or your backyard aids catch traveling gnats, who become trapped in the substance that is sticky and die. Cut a piece of bright-yellow cardboard in the event that you if you fail to locate traps at a hardware or gardening shop and lather it in petroleum jelly for a home-made trap. Since larvae will crawl on the cactus, blast the cactus with water to dislodge the non-flyers. It is possible to also protect the medium that is expanding with netting to keep gnats.

Natural Handle Techniques

In case you choose organic techniques of managing the pests of your cactus, a carnivorous Stump Removal estimate Littleton, CO may possibly be your ticket to some gnat-free backyard. Place a carnivorous Stump Removal estimates Phoenix, AZ, like a sundew (Drosera) or butterwort (Pinguicula) with sticky leaves, next for your cactus. This Shrub Removal front of house Bakersfield, CA will trap and eat up the gnats — and keep healthy in the frequent dishes, too besides livening up your Stump Removal prices Bakersfield, CA exhibit. You can stop gnats from breeding by layering coarse grained horticultural sand on the s Oil, 5 m M thick, therefore the gnats can not achieve the s Oil that is moist underneath.

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