Some grays some blues common, and may be depressing. But put them in the mix that is proper and there is a colour which is as soothing, classy and fashionable as the heavens. It’s not astonishing therefore several bedrooms are being painted blue-grey. When you pull away to a refuge after a hectic day, it welcomes you with serenity and elegance. Let us have a look at a number of of the best examples:

Some jewellery is needed by every bedroom. Blue-grey looks with add-ons like glass lamp, silver mirror and a crystal chandelier.

A gentle color of blue-grey on the walls enables the draperies, pillows and toss to get noticed in this chamber that is welcoming.

Marie Burgos Design

A blue-grey satin headboard is the focus of the bedroom. The colours of lamp and the pillows are distinct enough to include curiosity.

Marie Grabo Designs

A lattice as well as tailored bedclothes headboard provide crispness to the colour scheme.

CWB Architects

In the event you aren’t unready to give to a vibrant blue-grey, paint the walls a lighter color and add an accent pillow.

Laura Britt Design

Blue-grey walls would be an ideal backdrop for a luxury velvet sumptuous and day bed silk bedding.

Hint: Blue-grey seems fantastic if it is paired using a warm colour, like taupe.

Tara Seawright Interior Planning

In case you want more of a sky blue color on the wall, attempt including a touch of blue-grey in curtains and your accent pillows.

A Waters

Two colors of grey that is blue work nicely together here. The hardwood flooring stops the space from appearing monochromatic and adds heat.

Ilija Mirceski

Cozy blue-grey bedclothes functions in this contemporary minimalist space.

Do you’ve got blue-grey in your colour palette?

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