Lively…, and brilliant, Capturing, Exceptional these are adjectives one could readily use to explain in what I like to call… a house decorated Mary Englebreit design. When you look whimsey up in the dictionary…it states, “See Mary Engelbreit.” No, seriously…it does. 😉 Okay, perhaps not…but it should

The chambers in a house decorated in Mary’s design are joyful rooms…rooms which could turn the world’s largest pessimist right into a Pollyanna. It will be nearly impossible to devote 10 minutes in a house decorated in ME design rather than leave using a more sunny disposition.

Her chambers envelop you in well-being. You tickle and get you giggle until you’re gasping for breath. Thus, this autumn or winter when you find yourself terribly in need of some sun… and awaken into a chilly, dreary day grab your morning java and re-visit this Ideabook developed in the joyous fashion of Mary Engelbreit.

Its outside will be enchanting and almost fairytale-like in the event you had been constructing a house in the design of Mary Engelbreit. It could be “that” residence…the one which MAKES you push a stop of your way as you are headed home, only to help you pass by it and grin.

Dear Daisy Cottage

This shining yellow bungalow could readily be an ME home with with is brilliant outside, disposition and white-picket fence.

In the event that you stopped your vehicle and ventured up onto the front porch…you will be greeted with a brilliant red door decked-out in joyful blossoms. It’d welcome you

The Lettered Cottage

You’d discover yourself a bright living room full of fabrics upon going into the house. There would be tons of colour and pattern as well as a checker-board ottoman that is delightful. The ceiling would get a dose of interesting.

Dear Daisy Cottage

As you seemed about, you had locate brilliant colours comparing against white and black checks. Mary Engelbreit style consistently has white and black checks or squares combined with a great deal of yellows and brilliant reds. And there would be blooms…tons of joyous flowers Cape Coral and Grass Care service Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Dear Daisy Cottage

You had look for a comfy reading area…encircled with a great deal of excellent publications.

In the event you needed a bite and got hungry, you might head for the kitchen at which you’d feel right in the home.

Dear Daisy Cottage

You’ll find more of the signature appear of Mary here in the kitchen. Occasionally Mary utilizes black and white tile on on her behalf you see here above the range.

Cosy Small House

The table will be as whimsical as the remaining house, athletic tons and dot dishes of the colour, red.

Cosy Small House

Among Mary’s trademark loves are cherries…you will see them in much of her work. Notice the cherry-covered pot holder hanging from above in this kitchen.

This would have been an ideal table setting for christmas in a house decorated in Engelbreit design.

Judith Balis Interiors

What would the bedrooms appear like in a ME house? With it is quilt and vibrant walls, this chamber could be ideal.

The the youngsters room could be full of whimsy galore as well as vibrant colours.

And if our Mary Engelbreit house was lived in by a new born, this nursery could be perfect.

Needless to say, the kids would desire a playroom having a polkadot much more vibrant and lampshade, joyful colours.

Dear Daisy Cottage

Would the off ice appear in a house decorated in ME fashion? This off-ice would do quite nicely with the red and yellow color-scheme of it’s.

If you’d like to find more of Mary’s fashion, she’s composed a publication showcasing her own private residence called, “Home-Sweet-Home: A Trip Through Mary’s Desire House.”