It is popping up on sites, on the runway and in designer’s own houses and demanding that we take note. Shade is back in a big, big way. Now we just need to determine how to incorporate it into our current design strategies.

Throw cushions and accessories are givens for a simple, inexpensive fix which can be changed afterwards. However, to really take advantage of every inch of design space, we love making a statement with a brightly colored light fixture. Paired with coordinating all independently as the focal point, a dab of color lit from inside can add miles of design to any room.

Moroso Construction

A walk-in cupboard having a dressing room needs to be among our dream areas to have in a house. But, truth be told, all that tan paint can get boring. What a great spot to take a chance with color. These fixtures are amazing, and the color is so rich and lavish. We love how delightfully mixes with the carpeting.

Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

Blue and white is such a classic color combination. Porcelain might be its quintessential use, but we love using this timeless blend in unexpected ways also. Bringing in dashes of this color on the ceiling also is unexpected and helps to ensure that you get the most mileage out of available design space.

Meg Adams Interior Design

This fixture is so fabulous, it makes the room. An amazing turquoise is one of our favourite accent colours, as well as the beads and contour of this chandelier create a stunning focal point.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

We think of turquoise as an accent color in an area of whites and creams, therefore we were amazed by what a statement it could make surrounded by earth tones also. A touch of turquoise through the doorway of the adjoining room might help incorporate a cohesive appearance if you’re looking to blend the tone.

Woodmeister Master Builders

It is no secret that even kitchens market homes, and when renovating them, that is not a bad thing to remember. Vintage, sleek lines and color options ensure that you will enjoy your remodel for a long time to come and, in the event you choose to proceed, it is going to attract the widest variety of buyers.

But that does not mean you need to check your design personality at the door. Adding splashes of your favourite palette at the things which can be changed easily — upholstery, light fixtures and accessories — creates a happy medium between neutral and noticeable.

A drum shade is such a great appearance above a dining room table, particularly in an eating area which has to feel fun and free, not stuffy. We love the way the designers chose to go neutral with all the staples and add pizzazz with accessories. The splashes of blue at the fixture, vases and nook are just enough to add interest while keeping the atmosphere calm and soothing.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

We are thrilled that color is back in, and Tobi Fairley is one designer who knows how to use it well. The bold red of those fixtures is such a dominating presence in the room, but is tempered by cool blues and white partitions and accessories. The effect is an entry that causes you to say”wow.”

Rachel Hazelton Interior Design

If you want to avert a chandelier which sparkles but are not ready to commit to a bold, bright shade, black is the best choice. An iron fixture similar to this has just enough punch that it doesn’t get lost in an area with many dark elements. And it’s large enough that it does not get overtaken by another elements.

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