When the owner of this home toured a condo with interiors designed by Dona Rosene, she made sure to pick up her card and clung to it for two or more years. When she purchased her dream house, she pulled out Rosene’s card and gave her a call. “My client had noticed how I’d used a great deal of color and wanted to do this herself,” explains Rosene. “She had purchased a conventional home but needed to keep things fresh; she had been afraid that’conventional’ would equal’granny.'”

The house is located in a historic district in Fort Worth, Texas, and has been built in 1926. 1 big plus was that it hadn’t gone through any major renovations and kept its original character. “The house was well cared for and has been in great shape, including the flooring, original light fixtures, bathrooms, wood moldings and drapery rods,” says Rosene.

The clients, that had a new baby at the moment, wanted Rosene to direct them in terms of paint colours, furniture, fabrics, finishes, flow, structure and art, and it was a wonderful pairing. “Clients that understand what they enjoy are the best types of clients,” she says. “We never actually went shopping together. . .we wrapped around the entire project in about four months. We just hit it and did it!”

in a Glance:
Who lives here: A couple with two children
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Size: 3,340 square feet; two storys, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths
Year Built: 1926

Dona Rosene Interiors

The color in the entryway was there; Rosene along with her client loved it, so that they left it. “My client had been resistant to the stair runner initially because of her fear of the grandma appearance, but it cuts so much noise and is great when one has babies around,” says Rosene. “She tells me she gets lots of compliments on it”

The client also has something for circles. The cut velvet drapes have a circle pattern on them. Warm gold tones and finishes are another theme that runs throughout the home. The picture to the right of the window is a personal touch; it’s of the client’s father when he was a boy. Rosene had it placed in a frame with a subtle inlay of gold so client can see her father as she goes and comes.

Lighting fixture: Initial to the home
Color: Original, but Sherwin-Williams 6660 Honey Blush Is Quite similar
Curtain cloth: Kravet

Dona Rosene Interiors

The living room is painted in a vibrant Oriental red (it’s coming across a bit more pink in those pictures than in it does in person). The client already had the sofa, a matching chair/ottoman (seen in the bottom left corner) along with the carpet. Rosene maintained the magnificent chandeliers original to the house, raised the drapery rods, added window treatments, the pair of chairs, lamps, the coffee table, cushions and other accessories.

Interior color: Benjamin Moore Burnt Peanut Red 2081-10#

Dona Rosene Interiors

“I love a round dining table; they’re so conducive to dialogue, they feel homey, and this one proved to be a perfect fit in this dining room, which isn’t very large,” says Rosene. The circular theme is also repeated in the mirror over the buffet.

The red is exactly the same color used in the living room, as the rooms are adjoining and separated by French doors. The khaki color was first, and they chose to leave it so as to not overwhelm the relatively modest room with crimson, and to take advantage of the existing horizontal molding.

“I raised the drapery pole to counterbalance the horizontal band of molding, and also to draw up eye, making the ceiling seem higher and to visually expand the size of the windows,” she explains.

Chair cloth: Cowtan and Tout
Dining table: Woodbridge Furniture
Mirror: La Barge

Lighting fixture: Initial to the Home
Interior color: Red: Benjamin Moore Burnt Peanut Red 2081-10#

Dona Rosene Interiors

While the client mulls over a kitchen renovation, the kitchen now supplies a whole lot of timeless allure, if not a great deal of storage area. The salvaged sink that the client professes”an irrational love for” is first to the house, as are the cabinets. An adjoining breakfast room provides a large seating space and much more storage.

The small swatch of cloth over the window packs a wonderful design punch (it’s also used on some windows to the left, not shown in this image ). “I love to use a cotton-linen blend such as this one,” says Rosene.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC144
Horse vases and statue: Global Opinions
Fabric: Osborne and Little

Dona Rosene Interiors

The breakfast room is right off the kitchen, along with the same wall shade carries through. The built-in cabinets are first to the house and the homeowner uses them to store most of her dishes.

“My client loves creatures and picked out this horse,” says Rosene. “She picked out the zebra from the dining area .” A rustic dining table base and wooden ladderback dining chairs with rush seats increase the farmhouse warmth of this room.

Breakfast table: Woodbridge
Color: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue HC144
Lighting fixture: First

Dona Rosene Interiors

The client already had her bedding, therefore Rosene worked the color palette around it, linking it to the rest of the home, but more importantly to the master bath (which had blue tiles on the floor) and a small sitting area you can view on the left side of this picture. She had the headboard habit made in turquoise linen with nailhead trim which aids in the transition between chambers.

Color: Benjamin Moore Deer Path 1047

Dona Rosene Interiors

This small sitting room off the master bedroom can be found over a covered porch. It gives a comfy area for studying, and lots of built-in storage first to the house. Like most of the other custom window treatments throughout the house, the windows have woven grass shades and drapes to add softness.

“I love the clover shape of this ottoman, and I use it a whole lot,” says Rosene. “It is perfect for putting between two seats for two people to use simultaneously.” In addition to the clover’s curves, another dotted cloth satisfies the client’s penchant for circles. A dining table skirted in plaid brings another routine to the room.

“When I found that painting, I knew it’d be perfect for over the headboard in the master bedroom, but it was better over the built-ins in here,” she says. The client agreed.

Chairs and Ottoman: DRNC
Paint color: Sherwin-Williams 6478 Watery
Painting: located via McGannon Showroom

Dona Rosene Interiors

Last, the master bath is full of vintage details first to the house, including the tiles, the pedestal sinks, and also the doorway with the built-in mirror.

“I used the shower curtain cloth to tie the colours of this bathroom to the colours in the master bedroom,” says Rosene.

“People who can picture and who understand what they enjoy make for wonderful clients,” says Rosene. Both parties are extremely glad that the client held on that business card for a couple of years.

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams Drizzle 6479

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