The homes of today do come with a room for everything. If you’d love a den for relaxing but additionally need a home office, you’ll have both even in the event that you don’t have separate rooms. Thinking about how to make it work? Use these expert methods to create your own den and office all in one.

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Create decorative storage. When you’re using the room for a den, the very last thing you want is to stare at unappealing storage. “Use innovative storage to store and tuck away papers and binders when they aren’t in use,” says interior designer Elizabeth Gordon. “These can include attractive freestanding or built-in shelving, decorative bins and boxes, or cupboards with storage.”

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Sneak in the tv. You want your TV handy for den time, however you don’t want it glaring and deflecting when it is time to hunker down to work. “Incorporate the TV into a built-in cabinet or storage shelving with books and storage containers,” advises Gordon. “If you can, set the TV in a place — say, inside a two-door cabinet — which allows it to be closed off from view during work hours but easily accessible when it is ready to be seen”

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Take Advantage of the walls. Construct on your desk or push it up against the wall. This leaves the remainder of your space available for appreciating the den with friends or family. “Maintain the table counter shallow, but bulge the region where you sit a bit for longer computer/work space,” says interior designer Debra Campbell. “A shallow and long desk takes up less thickness in the room but still allows for plenty of workspace.”

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Maintain your workspace clutter free. Avoid adding too much stuff for your desk. You don’t want to get distracted looking at piles of electronics and work, when the room is in den manner. Campbell recommends utilizing gear if possible. “Put your printer and facsimile on a shelf that slides out within the built-in cabinetry, and conceal them behind retractable doors,” she says. “This permits easy access while working, nevertheless they can be immediately put away once work is complete.”

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Permit your furniture multitask. Place an extra-deep console or narrow table in the back of a sofa. “It acts as a desk throughout the day for work and can be easily transformed into a decorative piece when entertaining or watching TV at night,” says Gordon.

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Don’t overcrowd. Focus just on the necessities for both an office and a den. This way the space stays calm yet functional, and you are able to move between functions with no room feeling chaotic and jam-packed.

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Amp up the purpose of your furnishings. Since you’re going to be using one room for two functions, you’re going to want to get the most out of every inch. Look for furnishings with storage bits with shelves or concealed compartments. This room comes with an ottoman that hides necessities. There is a room to store blankets and cushions indoors, while casters make it simple to move out of the way.

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Light for both den and office usage. Make sure your lighting is suitable for work and relaxation. “Incorporate multiple sources of lighting in the room that can serve different functions, such as studying, mood setting and amusing,” says Gordon.

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Get clever with art. “Art can even be placed in such a way as to conceal work binders or office accessories which aren’t in use,” Gordon says.

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