Let’s face it: Office chairs as we understand them are not likely to win style points. Sure, they’re functional and ergonomic sufficient to keep us going on deadlines and conference calls, but their attributes often wind there. Uninspired shapes, drab upholstery and clunky bases make them utilitarian at best, eyesores at worst — especially in a bedroom, kitchen or other office area that’s hard to shut off if work hours finish.

It does not need to be like that. Upholstered seats, wingbacks, Windsor chairs and other nontraditional seating can get the job done just as well and look a whole lot better in the procedure. Here is a baker’s dozen which establish a stylish yet comfortable vibe in their environment.

Vendome Press

Upholstered in a large scale, modern floral, this dining room seat multitasks admirably for office function. Chairs like this look much more attractive if paired with a table rather than a traditional dining table.

Terrat Elms Interior Design

A Chippendale-style bamboo seat painted in a bright colour brings together this kitchen office.

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

This trendy vintage chair may have the same basic structure as classic office furniture, but the similarity ends there. It adds industrial moxie to the minimalist workspace.


A traditional Eames side seat in this sewing workspace blends well with the parson’s dining table. Molded plastic chairs like this you can be unbelievably comfortable, but before you commit to a single, spend some time sitting at a similar model to get a sense of how well you will enjoy it.

Wentworth, Inc..

How can you go wrong with a Louis Ghost Chair? Understated and elegant, this new classic works absolutely everywhere, such as at a desk.

Cugno Architecture

A Windsor chair lends a traditional touch to this kitchen desk area. In case a plain wooden seat is tough on your rear, tie to a fairly cushion.

Nicole Lanteri Design

The Panton Chair adds sinuous curves one of all the angles that are hard and sharp corners of the area.

S / Wiley Interior Photography

To save space, swap the seat entirely for an upholstered ottoman or 2. Because ottomans have no back support, you wouldn’t wish to use this solution for an office where you spend all day working, but they’re fine for paying bills, writing thank-you moves or dashing off emails.

A pair of ikat wingbacks and a contemporary spin on the trestle dining table create this office feel more like a cozy breakfast nook.

A stately, formal wing seat sets a commanding tone in this space.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Upholstered in a lively cloth, this bergère receives a vibrant new character that updates the traditional desk.

A woven tropical-style slipper seat can help to decide on a casual tone in this kitchen work zone.

Harry Braswell Inc..

In case your desk sits higher than is normal, consider a cushioned stool to provide the boost you want.

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